Never Compromise on Shine

Clean, Polish, & Protect with the Best Products

From brand names such as Meguiars, 3M, and Wizards, you can expect the highest quality results on your detailing work. We carry the brands and products we would use ourselves, so you can rest assured they are the industry best.

Remove Imperfections with Ease

Polishes & Compounds

Polishes remove scratches and defects to restore gloss, luster, and shine to any painted finish. Today’s technology cuts away oxidation, faded paint, and defects like heavy water spots to make paint shine like new.

Get Consistent & Predictable Results

Pads & Applicators

Pads & applicators are used to restore, protect and dress the exterior and interior of your vehicle. We carry a wide range of supplies from wool rotary pads to interior brushes.

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