From the Largest Abrasive Manufacturer in the World

The Most Efficient Abrasives, Aerosols, and Masking products on the Market

The Norton brand is unmatched in the quality and efficiency of their products. Featuring letex-paper backed abrasives, Made in USA tapes and premium aerosol coatings.

Quick, Cool, & Consistent Cutting

Norton Abrasives

From economical to ultra premium, Norton offers a variety of abrasives that cut fast, last long, and resist loading.

Quick Stick and Moisture Resistant

Norton Masking

Norton PG and AM brand tapes are made to provide the excellent holding power with no bleed-through or flaking upon removal. They can be exposed to wet sanding without adhesive transfer. Norton Blue Sheeting features a specialized outside layer of plastic that eliminates flake-off and can be cut and painted along the critical edge.


Quality Performance with Maximum Protection

REVvive Aerosols

Protect against corrosion and achieve a quality surface finish, all in fewer coats, with REVvive by RSG aerosols. Comprised of coatings, primers, and cleaners, the REVvive by RSG aerosol line has the solution you need for each step in the repair process.

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