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From brand names such as Meguiars, Farcela, 3M, and Wizards, you can expect the highest quality results on your detailing work. We carry the brands and products we would use ourselves, so you can rest assured they are the industry best.

G360 Super Fast System

Remove Imperfections with Ease

Farcela's G360

Farecla’s new G360 is a revolutionary new polishing system, widely acclaimed by body shop professionals, and being hailed as a ‘game changer’.

Mothers Professional Refinishing System

Mothers® Professional Refinishing System is a collection of polishes specifically designed to help the professional detailer tackle any imperfection. From new car prep to the removal of compound & swirl marks, haze and minor imperfections, including orange peel, oxidation, scratches, chemical spotting, dirt nibs, runs, sags and pitting – look to Mothers® Professional Refinishing System.

Mothers detailing supplies

S.M. Arnold Supplies

A Tradition of Cleaning Excellence

S.M. Arnold Detailing Supplies

S.M. Arnold, Inc. offers the most extensive line of cleaning maintenance accessories in the United States for the professional, industrial and consumer markets. Many of their products that we offer are manufactured at S.M. Arnold, Inc., in St. Louis, MO.

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