Mixed to your exact needs.

Premium Paint. Simple Application.


Whether you are looking to touch up a rock chip, or re-spray a quarter panel, we can help you get the job done with our custom mixed touch-up and aerosol can paint products. Looking for an exact paint match? Bring in the vehicle (or a painted piece of it) and we’ll make sure you get the right color the first time.

For Larger Surface Areas

Consistent spray to ensure even coats.

Fixing panels and blending clear is made easy with custom mixed aerosol cans. Save money on expensive spray guns and compressors. Our aerosol can products are precisely mixed to order.

Perfect for Rock Chips and Small Scratches

Quick and Painless Touch-ups

Fixing rock chips and small scratches can be an easy DIY repair. We can quickly match and mix your vechicle’s paint to give you the most seamless results possible.

The Key to a Correct Paint Match

How to Locate Your Paint Code

The first step to any paint matching process is to locate the paint code for your vehicle. Almost every vehicle in the U.S. has a paint code printed on a tag stuck to it. Watch this video to help locate the code for your vehicle. As always, feel free to contact us if you are having trouble.

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